Company Profile: Mc Group and Subsidiaries

Company Name Registered Capital (million baht) Business % Shareholding
Mc Group Plc 396,000,000 Manages sales and distribution of ready-to-wear clothing and apparel. -
Winnerman Co., Ltd. 1,000,000 Provides services and manages PCs and warehouse employees 99.97%
McJeans Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 1,000,000 Manufactures ready-to-wear apparel 99.97%
WoWme Co., Ltd. 19,000,000 Distributes products and services through online/internet channel 99.99%
Look Balance Co., Ltd. 213,000,000 Invests in other businesses 99.98%
Mc Jeanious Co., Ltd. 16,000,000 Invests in other businesses 99.99%
TOP T 2015 Co., Ltd. 1,875,000 Trade and Product management 51.00%