Our History
1975 - 2011
With the first meticulous needlework that became a standard for hundreds of thousands stitching later for the level of attention to details, the Thai lifestyle products business has gradually grown and brought the team together to work towards the same goal.

Inaugurated the brand "Mc"


Founded “P.K. Garment (Import-Export) Co., Ltd.” to manufacture ready-to-wear jeans under the brand "Mc"


Launched the new brands, “Mc Lady” and “Bison” to offer product varieties to better serve the needs of customers.


Conducted an active sales network expansion by opening its first free standing shop at Tesco Lotus Salaya.

With the first meticulous needlework that became a standard for hundreds of thousands stitching later for the level of attention to details, the Thai lifestyle products business has gradually grown and brought the team together to work towards the same goal.
  • Reorganized business structure to support future expansion through establishing
    Mc Group Public Company Limited” with 300 million baht registered capital to conduct apparel and lifestyle retail business.
  • Incorporated “Winner man Co., Ltd.” to provide services and managethe salesperson.
  • Incorporated “Mc Jeans Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” to expand production base for its ready-to-wear apparel.
  • Appointed the agents to distribute its products for neighboring markets in Myanmar and Laos.
Year 2013 is a year of change for MC GROUP as major developments were required to support its vision and mission to become a leader in apparel and lifestyle business in Asia by launching the new products and expansion in sales network to respond to customers' needs in all segments.
  • Incorporated “Mc Inter Limited”, registered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China to support future business operation and investments in foreign countries.
  • Incorporated “WoWme Limited” to support the expansion to online business.
  • Founded “Look Balance Co., Ltd.” to support its new business ventures in lifestyle products.
  • Transformed into public company limited under “MC GROUP PLC” and increased its registered capital to 400 million baht.
  • Listed with the Stock Exchange of Thailand and commenced its trading in SET under the name “MC
  • Launched “Mc Pink” brand to reach young female target group with fashion apparels
  • Premiered “Mc Mini” brand to target children segment between 6-12 years old.
  • Premiered “The Blue Brothers” brand that was aimed to expand into premium segment.
  • Launched “mc mc” brand to offer value-for-money products to all types of customers.
  • Expanded into lifestyle business (watches) by acquiring 51% shares in Time Deco Corporation Limited through Look Balance Co., Ltd. Time Deco Corporation Limited is one of the leading importer and distributor of fashion watch brands from around the world such as Diesel, DKNY, Emporio Armani.
Throughout 2014, MC GROUP committed to maintain leadership in jeans wear market as well as aggressively diversify into lifestyle retail business emphasizing on continuous expansion of its business scope to cover broader groups of customers who have various needs.
  • Appointed sales agents to distribute MC GROUP’s products in Vietnam
  • Officially opened “The Blue Brothers Denim Store”, MC GROUP’s first premium store
  • Launched “Mc mini girls” line of products under “Mc mini” brand to extend its customer base from 6-12 years old boys to girls of the same age range.
  • Introduced “Mc Plus” under “Mc” brand to the market to reach new target group of plus size customers.
  • Relocated the warehouse and distribution center from Factory 1 to a warehouse rented from WHA Corporation PLC on Romklao Road.
  • Launched a new product “Mc travel bag” under “Mc” brand as a lightweight lifestyle product for travellers.
  • Opened its new sales channel in PTT gas stations under new brand “mc mc” to carter to local customers and travellers. At the end of 2015, there were 10 mc mc stores in PTT gas stations.
  • Set up “Mc Jeanious Co., Ltd.” as a holding company to invest in its joint ventures.
  • Mc Jeanious Co., Ltd. signed a 51:49 joint venture agreement with Phet Kasem Holding Co., Ltd. (An expert in textile production) to invest in Top T 2015 Co., Ltd. The new company manages and distributes new products under “Mc T” brand aimed to extend varieties in offerings for shirt market.
  • Appointed a sales agent of MC GROUP in Cambodia.
  • Changed the name and look of its online channel website from www.WoWme.co.th to www.mcshop.com. The new online site is expected to be officially launched in 2016.
  • Launched Mc Jeans Official LINE as another communication channel for customers.
  • Ranked among ESG100 for listed companies with outstanding performance in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) under service industry by Thaipat Institute.
  • Launched www.mcshop.com Official LINE to promote special offers, sales campaigns and new products of the online channel.
  • Mc Jeans was awarded “Premium Products of Thailand – The Pride of Thais” for the year 2016 in apparel and accessory category in Thailand Industry Expo 2016 organized by Ministry of Industry to recognize local products or services with premium quality that brought a good reputation and international recognition to Thailand. This award is aimed at honoring people who create innovative products and promoting trust in quality of Thai products.
  • Redesigned management structure and re-formulated business plan of Time Deco Corporation Limited.
  • Premiered “UP” brand to expand to activewear with a focus on sport functional purposes available in easy-to-wear design and pattern that customers can mix and match with other apparels, perfect for doing everyday activities in their lives under the slogan “Unlimited Performance”.
  • Introduced new lifestyle products in “skin care” category under “M&C” brand.
  • MC GROUP Public Company Limited signed a joint venture agreement with Mister Wiriya Phungsoonthorn, an expert in skincare with 55% ownership in Aromatic Active Company Limited to operate in skincare and fragrance business under M&C brand as well as act as a distributor of Nature Touch brand to further support its business expansion in lifestyle products.
  • Time Deco Corporation Limited moved its office to the headquarter of MC GROUP Public Company Limited to enhance management efficiency.
  • Appointed a sales agent to distribute its products in Iran
  • Refurbished its website, www.mcshop.com to promote more appealing features including an enticing and well-organized blog to make customer’s online shopping experience more fun and convenient.
  • Joined the Private Sector Action Coalition Against Corruption or CAC at Thailand's 5th National Conference on Collective Action against Corruption. This reflects a success as well as a commitment in undertaking business with transparency as guided by good corporate governance in order to promote sustainable growth.
  • Received “Outstanding Company Performance Awards” from SET Awards 2017 event
  • Announced to be among the list of securities to be included in the calculation of SET100 and SET HD for the first half of 2017.
  • Piloted a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to enroll customers to “MC Club” membership program that entitles them to exclusive privileges throughout the year.
  • Collaborated with Warrix, the exclusive licensee and distributor of apparel for Thai national football team
  • Opened new retail channel for Skincare products of “M&C” and “Nature Touch” brands through counter in Hello Beauty zone at Robinson Department Store under name “Aromatique Active
  • Collaborated with The Walt Disney Thailand to launch Sport Fashion apparel with official licensed 11-super hero Marvel collection
  • Deployed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to enroll customers to “MC Club” membership program that entitles them to exclusive privileges at free standing shops throughout Thailand.
  • Restructured shareholders by distribution of ordinary shares of Aromatique Active Company Limited, its subsidiary to Look Balance Company Limited, company’s subsidiary as the core business holding shares of new business group for clearer, proper and flexible management and business expansion in future.
  • Added more feature as ‘Ship to Shop’ service to be linkage between online and offline channels and more capability for seamless after-sale services at ‘Mc Jeans’ free standing shops.
  • The Company reached a resolution to approve a share repurchase program and completed
    the program since February 2019.
  • Look Balance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, acquired ordinary shares of Mcmillion (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    from Mr. Thomas Foo Choong How with equivalent to 45% share of total registered capital of
    McMillion (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Mcmillion provides integrated warehouse management services
    for online businesses and others.
  • The Company premiered “U-P” brand, an activewear apparel line that features sport functional
    and fashionable clothing with “Fun, Cool, Energetic and Minimal” designs.
  • The Company appointed Mrs. Chananyarak Phetcharat, the Company’s director as the new CEO, effective 1 October 2019
  • The Company premiered its special collection “Mc X Moo” under collaboration with Moo Polpat Asavaprapha from MOO brand with the combination of American vintage and workwear adapted by a contemporary touch that blends functionality and classic vintage together perfectly. The product is suitable for working days as well as casual days. Additionally, the Company brought in Tono Phakin Khamwilaisak as its new presenter and launched a limited edition of Mc Biker Collection that promotes coolness, activeness and flexibility altogether, addressing fashion and functional needs for not only biking purposes but also for everyday use.
  • Look Balance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary the Company holds 99.98% shares, divested all 51% shares in Time Deco Corporation Limited (TDC). TDC engages in importing and distributing premium watch brands from around the world. A total of 1,041,002 shares were sold to Mr. Vararit Plengvanich and Mr. Panu Narongchaikul, shareholders of TDC at 28.8184 baht per share or equivalent to a total value of 30 million baht. The Company planned to use the proceeds from the sales of shares to further develop its business and/or maintain as reserve for future investments in other businesses according to the Company’s investment policy to support core business or business that the Company has expertise with a potential of stable profit.
  • The Company activated its production line for fabric masks and face shields to help mitigate the mask shortage during the virus crisis and made the products available online. Furthermore, the Company arranged COVID-19 insurance coverage for all employees of over 2,500 people and announced work from home policy during the pandemic.