The Company adheres to good corporate governance principles in managing its business by paying attention to the society and the environment and ensuring that all stakeholders are treated fairly. Compliance with the law is strictly observed in conducting business in order to attain stable and sustainable business growth.

Sustainable Development Committee formulated policies related to sustainable development as a guideline for handling sustainability management of the Company in the same direction so that directors, executives and employees at all levels can conform to in performing their duties to achieve a work culture that realizes the balance of economy, society and environment. Essential details of the policies are summarized below.

  1. Sustainability strategy formulation and risk management to maintain stability and sustainability of the Company.
  2. Fair business conduct and commitment to moral principles, ethics, laws, good corporate governance principles and the code of conduct.
  3. Anti-corruption for all forms of corruption, honesty and righteousness in undertaking business without any fraud and bribery.
  4. Respect for human rights, equal and equitable treatment of all stakeholders and no involvement in any action violating human rights.
  5. Fair treatment of workers, workplace safety, proper compensation and benefits, knowledge and skill development, transparent and fair performance evaluation and no child labour and illegal worker.
  6. Responsibility for consumers in conducting business by creating quality products under good standards to meet the needs of consumers.
  7. Environment conservation, environmental-friendly sourcing of raw materials and product design, efficient resource utilization, environment quality management and development and improvement of environment management systems.
  8. Community and society development through the Company’s activities and collaboration with government agencies, associations, business partners, civil society sector and other stakeholders in developing and supporting communities and the society.
  9. Business and social innovation development to create value added and growth for the Company in the long term.