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About Us
About Us
Business Overview

Policy and Overview of Business

Vision, Objectives, Targets and Strategies

MC Group Public Company Limited (“Company”) and its subsidiaries aspire to become a leading business organization in apparel and lifestyle business in Asia under our strong commitment to offer and manage varieties of products to serve customers with different and changing lifestyles and to ensure highest customer satisfaction through our quality products with reasonable prices, extensive sales network and quality services.

The Company formulated its business plan to drive the organization to meet its financial targets in the future by achieving sustainable revenue growth. To enhance its capacity in maximizing profitability, the following strategies will be implemented thoroughly to achieve its objectives and targets.

1. Product strategy: Extend and strengthen product offerings, innovations and brands to meet demands of customers of all groups, ages and lifestyles.

The Company focuses on designing and extending product varieties as well as creating new innovations to meet the needs of all customer groups. In addition, it also emphasizes on building and enhancing brand awareness to better promote the products to the customers.

In 2017, the Company developed and launched new denim products under the collection Mc MOVE. This innovative denim is made of Lycra and T400 that offer elasticity and resilience suitable for all active activities with additional practical functions that fit different movements. Besides, Mc COOL was introduced with its cooling quality that helps maintain body temperature under hot climate as well as ventilating and dehumidifying quality that make the fabric dry faster.

Furthermore, the Company has set up a new subsidiary, Aromatic Active Company Limited to support its business expansion in lifestyle product distribution into skincare under the brands “M&C” and “Nature Touch”. These brands are to cater to customers who take a good care of their skin, beauty and personality. The products are made from natural extracts and free of silicone, parabens and mineral oil. The product line of body lotion, shower gel, soap, scented powder and fragrance was launched under Light Blue, Deep Blue and True Blue collections.

With regard to activewear line, the Company premiered its wind and vapor proof sports jacket made of light and soft fleece with sporty cutting and a fabric technology that keeps the body warm. These high-quality activewears are available for men and women with easy-to-wear styles that customers can mix and match with other apparels, perfect for any active activity in their everyday lives. For example, Running Set and Tracksuit were launched at the beginning of the year and these wears are made of special materials called hydrophilic with its synthesized fibers that ensure dryness and comfort.

2. Sales Channel Strategy

  1. Expand existing sales channels nationwide to cover growing customer base

    The Company set its sales footprint target to cover all parts of Thailand by increasing the number of free standing shops, points of sales in modern trade venues and mobile units as well as expanding spaces in high potential outlets. At the end of 2017, the Company had in total 881 points of sales. The reason is that these channels allow better product management, greater flexibility of new product introduction and more diverse sales promotions to create new and exciting experiences for the customers while fun will be emphasized as before.

    This sales network expansion strategy will enable Mc Group to better access target customer groups. Mc Group will prudently review the feasibility by considering locations, potentials of malls, population, target customers and purchasing power at new points of sales.

  2. Continuously expand internet or online channel

    WoWme Company Limited, a subsidiary of MC GROUP refurbished its website and online distribution channel, to promote more appealing features including an enticing and well-organized blog to make customer’s online shopping experience more fun and convenient. The website offers mostly apparels and lifestyle products under its group of companies. Certain collections or items will be made available exclusively on this channel. This online channel will appeal to both existing and new customers, raise brand awareness as well as provide customers with higher convenience to try its products.

3. Expand into foreign markets to cover countries under ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) as well as other countries with good potentials.

Mc Group planned to broaden their customer base to foreign markets especially in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and others with strong potentials and business opportunities. Our current ASEAN footprint includes appointed sales agents in Myanmar and Laos. In 2017, the Company appointed an agent in Iran and opened a free standing shop in Kish Island, a popular tourist destination in the south of Iran. The Company also has a plan to open another shop in Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

Besides, the Company expected to expand further to other markets under AEC even though distributions in Vietnam and Cambodia were discontinued as the Company took a step back to search for better timing and business partners. Bearing in mind the unique ways of doing business and associated risks in respective countries, the Company will consider the best possible business models to expand into these countries, either in forms of direct operation, joint ventures with business partners or sales agent appointment.

4. Seek M&A opportunities or joint ventures opportunities with business partners.

The Company is still active in searching for M&A and joint venture opportunities in related businesses to attain its business expansion goal according to group of companies’ strategic plan.

In 2017, the Company registered a new subsidiary, Aromatic Active Company Limited as a joint venture between MC Group Public Company Limited and Mister Wiriya Phungsoonthorn, an experienced businessman with a unique expertise in skincare. The purpose of this move is to expand further into skincare and fragrance business under M&C brand as well as act as a distributor for Nature Touch brand.

5. Emphasize on efficiency improvement in management

Mc Group put an importance on all of its business units from raw material sourcing, production line management, finished product management, country-wide product distribution to sales channel management. Process improvement and implementation of information technology are also essential to enhance production efficiency and distribution effectiveness, control productions of outsource suppliers as well as reduce time-to-market of the products, manage and distribute products more efficiently.

In addition to stated strategies, the Company realized the importance of human resources development in supporting its business growth. Our human capital strategy covers talent acquisition to competency development to promote career advancement in the organization. Furthermore, fair compensation and benefits management and performance management with clear and measurable criteria are also stressed to engage and incentivize our employees.