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About Us
About Us
  • The Company reached a resolution to approve a share repurchase program and completed        
    the program since February 2019.
  • Look Balance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, acquired ordinary shares of Mcmillion (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  
    from Mr. Thomas Foo Choong How with equivalent to 45% share of total registered capital of
    McMillion (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Mcmillion provides integrated warehouse management services
    for online businesses and others.
  • The Company premiered “U-P” brand, an activewear apparel line that features sport functional
    and fashionable clothing with “Fun, Cool, Energetic and Minimal” designs.
  • The Company appointed Mrs. Chananyarak Phetcharat, the Company’s director as the new CEO, effective 1 October 2019
  • The Company premiered its special collection “Mc X Moo” under collaboration with Moo Polpat Asavaprapha from MOO brand with the combination of American vintage and workwear adapted by a contemporary touch that blends functionality and classic vintage together perfectly. The product is suitable for working days as well as casual days. Additionally, the Company brought in Tono Phakin Khamwilaisak as its new presenter and launched a limited edition of Mc Biker Collection that promotes coolness, activeness and flexibility altogether, addressing fashion and functional needs for not only biking purposes but also for everyday use.
  • Look Balance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary the Company holds 99.98% shares, divested all 51% shares in Time Deco Corporation Limited (TDC). TDC engages in importing and distributing premium watch brands from around the world. A total of 1,041,002 shares were sold to Mr. Vararit Plengvanich and Mr. Panu Narongchaikul, shareholders of TDC at 28.8184 baht per share or equivalent to a total value of 30 million baht. The Company planned to use the proceeds from the sales of shares to further develop its business and/or maintain as reserve for future investments in other businesses according to the Company’s investment policy to support core business or business that the Company has expertise with a potential of stable profit.