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About Us
About Us
  • Collaborated with Warrix, the exclusive licensee and distributor of apparel for Thai national football team.
  • Opened new retail channel for Skincare products of “M&C” and “Nature Touch” brands through counter in Hello Beauty zone at Robinson Department Store under name “Aromatique Active”.
  • Collaborated with The Walt Disney Thailand to launch Sport Fashion apparel with official licensed 11-super hero Marvel collection.
  • Deployed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to enroll customers to “MC Club” membership program that entitles them to exclusive privileges at free standing shops throughout Thailand.
  • Restructured shareholders by distribution of ordinary shares of Aromatique Active Company Limited, its subsidiary to Look Balance Company Limited, company’s subsidiary as the core business holding shares of new business group for clearer, proper and flexible management and business expansion in future.
  • Added more feature as ‘Ship to Shop’ service to be linkage between online and offline channels and more capability for seamless after-sale services at ‘Mc Jeans’ free standing shops.