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About Us
About Us
  • MC GROUP Public Company Limited signed a joint venture agreement with Mister Wiriya Phungsoonthorn, an expert in skincare with 55% ownership in Aromatic Active Company Limited to operate in skincare and fragrance business under M&C brand as well as act as a distributor of Nature Touch brand to further support its business expansion in lifestyle products.
  • Time Deco Corporation Limited moved its office to the headquater of MC GROUP Public Company Limited to enhance management efficiency.
  • Appointed a sales agent to distribute its products in Iran
  • Joined the Private Sector Action Coalition Against Corruption or CAC at Thailand’s 5th National Conference on Collective Action against Corruption. This reflects a success as well as a commitment in undertaking business with transparency as guided by good corporate governance in order to promote sustainable growth.
  • Refurbished its website, to promote more appealing features including an enticing and well-organized blog to make customer’s online shopping experience more fun and convenient.
  • Received “Outstanding Company Performance Awards” from SET Awards 2017 event
  • Announced to be among the list of securities to be included in the calculation of SET100 and SET HD for the first half of 2017
  • Piloted a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to enroll customers to “MC Club” membership program that entitles them to exclusive privileges throughout the year.