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About Us
About Us
  • Relocated the warehouse and distribution center from Factory 1 to a warehouse rented from WHA Corporation PLC on Romklao Road.
  • Launched a new product “Mc travel bag” under “Mc” brand as a lightweight lifestyle product for travellers.
  • Opened its new sales channel in PTT gas stations under new brand “mc mc” to carter to local customers and travellers. At the end of 2015, there were 10 mc mc stores in PTT gas stations.
  • Set up “Mc Jeanious Co., Ltd.” as a holding company to invest in its joint ventures.
  • Mc Jeanious Co., Ltd. signed a 51:49 joint venture agreement with Phet Kasem Holding Co., Ltd. (An expert in textile production) to invest in Top T 2015 Co., Ltd. The new company manages and distributes new products under “Mc T” brand aimed to extend varieties in offerings for shirt market.
  • Appointed a sales agent of MC GROUP in Cambodia.
  • Changed the name and look of its online channel website from to The new online site is expected to be officially launched in 2016.